Welcome to Artists Emerge

& thank you for choosing us as your #1  dance competition!

Founded in 2006, Artists Emerge is leading a new era of dance competition & convention with the purpose of providing a meaningful experience for every level of dancer through education, training, and healthy competition.

We are committed to providing the greatest dancer experience by promoting community, respect, positivity, and above all having fun. We strive to be Canada’s largest platform where dancers will receive qualified and relevant critique from the world’s best adjudicators.

We are an experienced team comprised of studio owners, industry professionals, and international choreographers who judge internationally and produce events worldwide. Our attention to detail along with remaining current and relevant to dancers has been key to our success. We aren’t just hosting a dance competition; we’re building a community that celebrates and respects all dance disciplines under one roof. Regardless of your age, dance discipline, or level of experience, all are welcome at Artists Emerge where we continually strive to be your favourite dance competition.

We truly value the opinions of our dancers, teachers, parents and studio owners as we want to continue to bring the dance community closer together.

We strive for greatness and are committed to making Artists Emerge your favourite competition. In order to do this, we have surveyed hundreds of the above mentioned to incorporate amazing and unique elements that may not be offered at other competitions.

We look forward to seeing all of you at this season’s competition! As always your feedback is greatly appreciated.

The Artists Emerge Team

Mark Ward
Executive Director & Founder

Luke Geldert
Executive Director & Founder

Scott Forsyth
Vancouver Managing Partner

Liz Tookey
Technical Director