Welcome to Artists Emerge

& thank you for choosing us as your hip hop competition!

Artists Emerge was created to offer superior Hip Hop training, education & adjudication to the local dance community. By having professional choreographers, hip hop icons and the industry’s top celebrities on the judging panel, every competitor receives personal and professional advice on how they can improve their performance and take their dance to the next level.

As our event grows each year, we continue to focus on channeling the various Hip Hop endeavors of the local dance organizations into something that both competitors and audiences alike feel proud to have been a part of.

We believe AE strengthens the unique & positive impact that hip hop can have on the youth of today by offering a Master’s Dance Convention and up-close-and-personal Q&A with our judges the day after the formal competition. WE invite all dancers and their families to take part in the complete Artists Emerge experience by joining us at the Convention on the Sunday following the competition.

The success of AE relies on the level of community support it receives. On behalf of everyone who has contributed to making Artists Emerge a reality, thank you for being present today and cheering on all of our competitors.

We look forward to seeing all of you at this season’s competition! As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.


The Artists Emerge Team

Mark Ward
Executive Director & Founder

Luke Geldert
Executive Director & Founder

Scott Forsyth
Vancouver Managing Partner