We are thrilled you will be joining us at Artists Emerge this year!

To make your competition experience a pleasant one, we have compiled a list of some of your most frequently asked questions.

We look forward to hearing you cheer from the audience soon!

Pre-Event Questions

I don’t attend a studio. Can I still register for the competition?

No. You must be entered through a registered dance studio or performance company.

When does registration open?

October 1st.

When is the registration deadline to enter the competition?

December 20th.

I’m only interested in taking the workshop classes. Do I have to compete?

Dancers are not required to compete in order to participate in the workshop.

Do observer passes need to be purchased in advance?

Pre-purchase is recommended but observer passes will also be available to purchase at the event.

Will all of the judges be present for each day/category of the competition?

Typically, AE will feature 2 Judges for Day 1, 2, & 3. Occasionally we will bring in a 3rd guest judge for the Final Showdown.

When will the schedule be published and available to the studio owners?

One month prior to the competition a rough schedule will be sent out to the participating studios and on our Facebook page.

Event Questions

Where do I go to check in when I arrive at AE?

Studio owners and teachers pick up their complimentary programs at the AE Sign-In Booth along with all competitors.

Sign-in is mandatory for all competitors to receive their wristband/stamp. This gives them free access to the venue prior to and after their performance. Sign-In is usually found in the lobby of each venue.

Where exactly is the competition being held?

The Competition is being held at the Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel on Day 1 in the Cartier Ballroom on the main level.
The Jubilee Auditorium on Day 2 & 3.
The 3SB Creative Youth Centre – 13883 156 st nw on Day 4 for the Master’s Workshop.

Where do I park?

Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel
Parking passes will be validated for all our guests. Pick up your validated parking pass at the ticketing booth prior to leaving.

Jubilee Auditorium
Visitors can access the Jubilee Auditorium Car Park from 87 Avenue – access is not available from 114 Street. Surface parking is available on the south side of the auditorium and can be accessed from the west side of the building. Make sure to tell the parking attendant that you are attending an event at the Jubilee to receive the EVENT parking rate.

Barrier free surface parking is located on the ground floor of the Car Park.

Performance Parking Rates
A special rate is in effect for scheduled performances at $6.00 / performance.

I noticed a mistake on the schedule. What should I do?

Please contact your studio director and have them contact us as soon as possible. Please note that the deadline for changes & corrections to the schedule is the 1st week in February. It is the responsibility of your studio owner to identify any conflicts or issues with their entries during the Preliminary Schedule period.

I have family who wants to watch the event. What is the fee to watch?

Artists Emerge welcomes you and all of your family & friends to cheer on your favourite dancer! Current pricing is available here.

What time do dressing rooms open in the morning?

Dressing rooms open 1 hour prior to the first performance. Please do not arrive earlier as the building will not be open. The theatre audience doors opens 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled performance.

Are there programs available at the event?

Printed magazine programs are available to purchase for $5 in the AE lobby. You may also purchase the Dance Comp Genie App to access a live stream of our competition schedule – available on the App Store.

Can I buy photos or video at the event?

Photos are available for purchase LIVE on site by Borsellino Photography. Videos are available for purchase by MV3FX. Please pick up an order form in the lobby at the Merchandise booth.

What time should I arrive at the competition?

Please confirm with your studio directors what time they want you to arrive at the event. Remember to leave extra time for parking and finding your dressing room – especially if it’s your first time at the venue. In addition, most venues are not equipped with mirrors for every competitor – so it’s often a good idea to have hair and make-up done prior to arrival.

Lastly, we sometimes run early and ask that all dancers be ready to dance 30 minutes prior to their scheduled performance.

Can parents escort their children backstage to their dressing room?

Due to the large number of participants at Artists Emerge, space is at a premium at all of our venues. We ask that only parents/guardians of performers under the age of 12 escort their children to and from their dressing rooms. We would prefer that you arrange for their instructor/studio owner to escort them. Only performers, teachers and studio owners are allowed backstage.

Does AE provide lunch for the dancers?

We always do our best to make sure there are food options available for purchase at our venues. When there aren’t easily accessible restaurants, delis, etc., we recommend that dancers bring water and snacks for in between categories.

How do we find the dressing rooms?

Artists Emerge will have signs to help navigate you towards to the changeroom areas. At some events, changerooms may be assigned by studio, with multiple studios per changeroom. When assigning dressing rooms, we take into account the number and size of dances the various studios have each day and try to accommodate everyone’s needs. At smaller venues for Solos, Duets & Trios, dressing rooms may not be available. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

When space permits, Artists Emerge will assign a ‘Quick Changeroom’ space backstage which is intended to help dancers with a quick change.

We thank you in advance for your help in sharing the dressing room space.

What is the Final Showdown?

We conclude the 3 day event with an ultimate competition on the main stage @ the Jubilee Auditorium. The Final Showdown will include judge performances, the top scoring competitive solos, duets & groups along with several wildcard entries as chosen by our Judges. The Finals typically lasts 3 hours, including a 20 min intermission and the Finals Adjudication. Seating will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Can I take photos or video of the performances?

For the safety of your children and the protection of choreography, absolutely NO videotaping or photography is allowed during performances. We urge all studio owners, teachers, and especially parents to keep our performers photographically safe by reporting suspected photographic violations. Groups can be penalized if a patron is caught and they are associated with the group in question. This includes posting of unauthorized video or photos of stage performances on social media.

Post-Event Questions

I left a piece of my daughter’s/son’s costume at the competition. Who should I contact?

All items left at either venue will be delivered to the “Lost & Found” bin at the 3SB Creative Youth Centre on Sunday, March 6th. You may look for your item on this date. All items not retrieved after this date, will be donated.

My daughter/son is participating in a duet, trio or group. Will I be able to get them their own Medal/Trophy?

Yes. Artists Emerge understands the momentous occasion of performing at a competition. As such, our custom medals are provided “per dancer”. Duplicate trophies may be ordered by emailing info@artistsemerge.com.

I didn’t get a chance to purchase any merchandise at the event. Can I buy it online?

Unfortunately, merchandise is only available onsite. We do not take online orders at this time.