Check out the Showcase performance by Anthony Lee at the AE 2016 Final Showdown.
Because last years talent pool was so deep we decided to make more levels in the ALL-STAR Category. This allows more groups of all ages to compete for our largest cash prizes. Based on the category sizes, the prizing is as follows: Mega Crew (10-40 members – All Ages) – 1st place $2500 | 2nd
February 25, 2016
We have moved from the previously announced Solos, Duets & Trios Day 1 venue: The Citadel to the: Renaissance Edm Airport Hotel This will save audience members from paying a Citadel imposed surcharge on their ticket along with other issues that made this venue unsuitable. What’s awesome about the Renaissance? Very easy to get to.
February 7, 2016
In our 11th year, Artists Emerge is proud to present the 2016 Headliners: Marie “Poppins”, Anthony Lee & Steve Bolton Marie “Poppins” Marie “Poppins” Bonnevay first discovered Hip-Hop at the age of 18, in her home country of France (Montpellier). She learned about the different elements of the culture and started training in Locking, Breaking,
January 21, 2016
Post Competition Judge Interview | LINK | Check out Links advice to choreographers and his explanations of where the origination of the Kat Daddy, and Nay Nay came from long before these dances showed up in current trends!! Videography by Romy Young Photography.
January 7, 2016
Post Competition Judge Interview | JUN QUEMADO | Jun gives some great comments about how important taking class is and individuality!! Take a listen. Videography by Romy Young Photography.