Artists Emerge has turned the corner and is now launching as the first Canadian multi-disciplined Competition & Convention.


Edmonton – Mar 17-24, 2019 | Expo Centre
Vancouver – April 1-7, 2019 | Anvil Centre & Hard Rock Casino


Pre-Registration opens June 20
Registation closes Dec 20


Artists Emerge is now launching as the first Canadian multi-disciplined Competition & Convention for the 2019 season!

  1. Our judging panel will comprised of two multi-disciplined adjudicators and two international street dance adjudicators to provide meaningful, specialized, and relevant feedback to each dance discipline.
  2. We host a Multi-Disciplined Finals and a Street Dance Finals as we believe they are two extremely different categories of dance, and we want to respect all dance disciplines and the way we previously ran our event.
  3. Solos , duets & trios are back performing on stage
  4. Dance Education and Training is a major focus of the event which is why we have a full day Multi-Discipline Convention before the Finals to help incorporate the things dancers will learn into their Final performances. We also will continue to host Hip Hop Masters Classes on the Sunday with Street Dance Headliners. Lastly we have added Teachers Workshop specifically designed with instructors’ continued education and skill development in mind. Subjects like the creative process, improvisational techniques, progressions, formations, cleaning pieces, anatomy, nutrition & injury prevention will be expanded upon.
  5. We also host a Workshop specifically designed for teachers & choreographers.
  6. We hold a Learn It, Perform It Experience where 50 dancers from the audition portion of the convention get the chance to learn a 1.5 minute piece from one of our celebrity headliners. This will be the closing act in one of our Finals Events.

These are just a few of the many exciting changes to come…

  • Eric Malapad

    So much nasty talent in one theatre, it was a great moment to take in and everybody left with some inspiration. March 2007

  • Brad Rapier

    Its great to be the 1st Judge of an amazing idea.... March 2006

  • Mike Song

    I’m almost speechless, and very inspired from what I saw at this event. March 2013

  • Lyle Beniga

    The event was really organized.... I was surprised how supportive everyone was of each other. March 2012

  • Dana Wilson

    Continue to be Students that prioritize Foundation and personal Style above Trends & Trying to fit In.  March 2012

  • Gigi Torres

    Find YOUR reason why you dance and you’ll be dancing for the rest of your life. A truly amazing experience at AE! March 2011

  • Boog. Sam

    I truly enjoy the young generation and I ask them to stay positive and stick to achieving their dreams just as I once did to become a star. March 2011

  • Meg Lawson

    Dancers were just killin it and they should be so proud of their accomplishments; so much inspiration in one building. March 2009

  • Nick Wilson

    AE was pure magic. Every dancer brought out something different that made the whole experience fun to watch.  March 2008

  • Suga Pop

    I has a great experience here at Artists Emerge, lots of dancers were just doin their thing on stage. I’d like to see more foundation with street styles. Do your research and learn how the dances were originally done before you change them. March 2008








Attend a full day of Convention before the Finals to help incorporate the things dancers will learn in their Final performances. We also host a Workshop specifically designed for teachers & choreographers. Online registration opens 3 weeks prior to the event date.


Our event would not be possible without the continued generosity of our sponsors.